PM Modi declares establishment of new CBSE office in Dubai

PM Modi declares establishment of new CBSE office in Dubai

In acknowledging the cultural bond between India and the UAE, PM Modi praised their shared linguistic affinity and celebrated the remarkable achievements of both countries, setting an exemplary standard for the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the cultural and educational ties between India and the UAE, declared the upcoming establishment of a Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) office in Dubai. During the ‘Ahlan Modi’ diaspora event in Abu Dhabi, PM Modi emphasised the importance of providing quality education in the UAE, highlighting that “More than 1.5 lakh Indian students are studying in UAE schools… The master’s course was started at the IIT Delhi campus here last month and a new CBSE office will be opened soon in Dubai. These institutions will be helpful in providing the best education to the Indian community here”.

PM Modi also lauded the close linguistic and cultural affinity shared between India and the UAE, stating, “In terms of community and culture, the achievements of Bharat and UAE serve as a model for the world to emulate. There is a close proximity in the languages of Bharat and UAE as well.” Reflecting on his first visit to the UAE in 2015, PM Modi expressed gratitude for the warm reception he received, particularly from the Crown Prince, now the President, and his brothers.

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